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Friday 17 January 202017.00 to 19.00

Fri 17th 17:00-19:00- Foster Court 223
Sat 18th 13:00-15:00- Pearson Building G17

It’s casting time and ALL ARE WELCOME! UCL Comedy Club are excited to present their Term 2 Garage Show: The Curse of King Percival.

We are seeking the cast for our Term 2 show at the Camden People’s Theatre. All experience levels and abilities are welcome. Please drop in during one of the timings, no preparation is required!

The characters in this comedy play are diverse and quirky, so why not get involved?

King Percival was not a popular man…cruel, tyrannical, responsible for the murder of at least 1 in 8 men. But who could want him dead?

After her controversial exit from prime-time TV over allegations of high treason, historical presenter Lucy Cumber is back on your second-favourite streaming service with her new documentary series ‘History’s Mysteries’. This week she explores the infamous curse of medieval town Little-Frington-on-the-Gripsy and the remarkable disappearance of King Percival. Join her as we recount his final days on earth and meet the peculiar suspects involved.