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Saturday 3 October 202020.00

Welcome back polers and hello to our new members! For our first social of the year, join us for an evening of cocktail/mocktail making (on Zoom of course). The lovely ladies running Pole Fitness this year will be there to answer your questions and talk to you about all the exciting things we have planned. Everyone knows the best way to make friends in uni is through societies, so why not become part of our family right now? And if you’re not sure about whether pole is for you, let us show you why we are one of the top 5 biggest clubs at UCL.

Due to booking issues thanks to COVID-19, our classes and taster sessions will be starting in the coming weeks. Until then, make the most of our socials to ease you into the society and meet some like-minded people to join you on your pole journey!

Note: Drinking is not compulsory! Please drink whatever you want, and we will be providing recipes for mocktails as well.