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Tuesday 6 October 202018.30 to 19.25

This a two part workshop on the futuristic sci-fi style of Cyberpunk Photography. If you love the works of Liam Wong, if you loved Blade Runner, or even the works of Wong Kar Wai, this is the perfect event for you! We will first be learning and taking night photos, then we will learn how to edit these colourful futuristic photos. The first part will be an in-person evening photowalk to City of London. If you are not in London, you can go on your own little evening walk to capture buildings and light.

As per regulations, we will take sign-ups for this event. Names will be selected at random and allocated into groups of 6 (people who have not been to an in-person event recently will be given priority.) The link to the sign-up form can be found here.

Details about the event will be sent to those participating closer to the start date of the event!