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Wednesday 28 October 202013.00 to 14.00

Time: 13:00-14:00 UK Time; 

21:00-22:00 China Time

ZoomID983 5864 8868

This workshop will be the first tutorial for the writing of Chinese Calligraphy. Starting from this week, we will be focusing on teaching the Yanzhenqing/Yan Style Regular Script 颜体楷书. This week we will teach you the basic strokes, explain and correct your posture. Then, we will split into two groups depending on whether or not you have bought your equipment (brush, ink and paper). The group with equipment will practice calligraphy under our guidance, while the group without tools will learn some more about the rules in calligraphy writing.

❗️If you have not yet prepared your equipment, please try to buy them by next Wednesday so you can fully participate in our tutorial!! 

For more information about remote membership, essential equipment and syllabus, please see our previous post (essential information) on Facebook/Instagram !!!

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