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Sunday 1 December 2013 (All day) to Wednesday 1 January 2014 (All day)

ChileGlobal Seminars is a series of seminars jointly organized by Chileans studying and working in the UK, part of the UCLU Chilean Society, LSESU Chilean Society and ChileGlobal. The aim of these seminars is to discuss, disseminate and share what other compatriots are researching in the United Kingdom and the impact of this in Chile. Non-Chilean researchers are also invited to present if their topics are related to Chile.

Each seminar will have a specific topic according to the abstract received. In the case of receiving too many presentations for one topic, a half-a-day seminar could be organized. The organizing committee will select the contributions according to the relevance for the seminar series objectives, and the possible link to other presentations. The amount and areas of abstracts received will determine the topic of the next seminars, which will be coordinated with the already available calendar. We encourage you to invite people from related research areas to send their work and to extend this invitation too.

The invitation is also open to receive session proposals, in a theme chosen by the presenters always concerning research in relation to Chile. We are also open to include guest speakers from other countries that can be related to the subject areas, depending also in their availability.

Sending an abstract

We invite all researchers working on Chile-related topics to send their information to in one Word or PDF file, in English, containing the following:

- Abstract of the presentation (up to 500 words) with images if necessary

- Area(s) of the study (according to the list below) and contact details of the author

- Time availability in which you can present (or indication when leaving the UK) 

The abstracts should highlight how the presentation would be organized and framed, and how the subject is relevant for Chile. Another important aspect is how the presentation proposed could trigger an interesting debate among the participants at the end of the seminar.

The official language of the seminars will be English. The official communication method of these seminars is the ChileGlobal platform: Thus, participants and presenters are encouraged to register themselves in that platform and become a participant of the initiative there.

Only abstracts sent three weeks before each seminar will be considered for that specific date. After that, they might be considered for the following events, as the call will remain open and works are expected to be received constantly in order to organize future seminars. The invitation for participating, both as a presenter or as an organizer will also remain open.

Travel grants offered!

Travel grants will be offered to pay part of the cost of travelling for those who are based in cities of the UK different from the one where the seminar is being held. The selection criteria will give priority to the presenters and students of the same area of the seminars. The available budget will be split within the successful applications. To apply, please send one .pdf file (up to two pages) containing the following to

  1. An expression of interest indicating why it is important to participate in the seminar (up to 400 words, not required for speakers)
  2. An approximate calculation of the travel costs.

3. Contact details with area of knowledge or work, and indication of the seminar of interest.

The deadline for sending Travel Grants applications will finish one week before each seminar.

Past seminars:

00. 20th June 2013: Launch of ChileGlobal Seminars UK with the Encuentros 2012 Conference book:

01. 8th October 2013: First Seminar on Urban Studies and Environmental Regulations. Watch the video here:

02. 14th November 2013: Second Seminar on Disasters, Emergency and Reconstruction. Watch the video here:

ChileGlobal Seminars UK

2014 Programme:

  • 4th Seminar: Visual arts, Performance and Music: 20th March 2014. University College London
  • 5th Seminar: Education: 8th May 2014. University College London
  • 6th Seminar: Area to be defined according to abstracts received. 5th June 2014. University College London
  • 7th Seminar: To be defined according to abstracts received. October 2014. University College London
  • 8th Seminar: To be defined according to abstracts received. November 2014. University College London
  • 9th Seminar: To be defined according to abstracts received. December 2014.
  • University College London

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