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Thursday 14 November 201919.30 to 20.00

Exciting opportunity just for you!!!

We hope to make your experience with our society rewarding and memorable, but we need all the help we can get!

Everyone is welcomed to apply, and you can join us as one of the following:

Social Secretary
Welfare Officer
Media Officer

No experience is required, and the committee will be fully there to support you along the way!

If you are interested in joining our family (and we sure hope you are!), all you have to do is register your interest at the link below, and then show up during the actual day where we will conduct the standard EGM processes and voting!

If not, it’s important too that you take part in the EGM! Your vote matters. This society is made for you, our members, and we want to make sure that your voice is heard in the shaping of the society!

This is a wonderful opportunity if you are looking to give back to the society, make some new friends, or to spice up your CV!

Only members of the society can run for any of the roles and vote! So let’s make it count :)

Membership is available here:

We can’t wait to have you on the team!! :)