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Thursday 3 October 201917.00

Date: 3rd of October 17:00-18:00
Venue: Gordon Square (16-18) 101

Speaker: Nicholas Wright
Currently, he teaches EU foreign policy, EU policy-making and regulation at University College London. Nicholas Wright is also a regular media contributor on a range of EU-related topics and on Brexit.
His most recent academic papers include "The Constitutional Consequences of Brexit: Whitehall and Westminster" and "Can Britain's bureaucracy handle a Brexit?".

Brexit Talk - Where are We Now?
During our first Brexit Talk (lecture with Q&A) we will be seeking answers to the following questions: Does Brexit shake our belief in democracy? Did the UK fail to execute the will of the people (as expressed during the referendum) by struggling to leave the European Union? Is the loss of trust in political establishment a global phenomenon?
Come & find out the answers!