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Thursday 22 October 202017.00

“In 2003, the United States chose to invade Iraq. Most now agree this decision was deeply flawed, costing trillions of dollars and thousands of lives. Exactly what went wrong here is a contested and controversial issue. At best, the decision-making process severely lacked rigour, and at worst, it was heavily biased. The call to invade hinged on the subjective impressions of a few key people – subjective impressions that later turned out to be wrong, made by people with complex motivations.”

Is there a way we can prevent similar mistakes from happening in the future? Join us for an introduction to institutional decision making and different approaches to improving decision making among governments, politicians, high-impact tech companies, and CEOs. In this workshop, we cover key cognitive biases that can interfere with rational decision making and techniques for improving decision making on a large scale.