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Monday 8 March 202118.30 to 19.30

Join us on the 8th of March for an insightful talk from Solar & Plasma physicist Camille Lorfing!

Camille is a 1st year PhD student at UCL Mullard Space Science Laboratory, studying the interactions between solar electron beams and plasma. The complex simulations she is creating will be tested against ESA’s Solar Orbiter data, in order to study these interactions along with subsequent radio emissions. Solar Orbiter is the most complex scientific laboratory ever to have been sent to the Sun and has reached incredible proximities to brave the heat of our nearest star.

Come along to hear about her academic experiences so far, and how you don’t need to be an expert in a field before embarking on a PhD. We will be discussing some common misconceptions about what a PhD looks like, along with some exciting developments in solar and plasma physics.

Everyone is welcome, and we hope to give you a real glimpse amongst the stars!

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