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Wednesday 14 October 202014.15 to 15.30

ARRIVE BY: 14:15 (On-ice 14:45)

REQUIRED: Buy remote membership (…).

JOIN: Team App and search UCL Ice Club

COST: £10

Come find us at the Streatham Ice and Leisure Centre to try out for our two Ice Hockey teams! The A team is looking for players with several years of experience to join, and contribute, to its efforts to promote its way into Division 1 checking of the BUIHA leagues, and to put on a fantastic performance for the 1,000 strong crowd who come to watch the UCL vs Imperial Varsity in the Spring (or later due to COVID-19). The B team plays Division 1 non-checking making it accessible to anyone who’s skated or played a little in the past. Don’t have to be Gretzky to play! If you’ve skated a little in the past, played floorball or something of the such come give B team a try! it’s a friendly bunch who will get you up to speed very fast. All the equipment is provided. Feel free to message us on social media, or email us, if you have any questions. On-ice at 14:45, so leave time (about 30 mins) to change.