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Saturday 26 September 202014.00
Feeling overwhelmed as you start your university journey? Thinking about career opportunities at UCL?
Here is an opportunity to ask all the questions you might have about being a fresher at UCL! The UCL Guild committee will tell you about making the most of Freshers’ Fair, student societies, career opportunities, studies and socialising. Tune in by following the event Zoom link. Can’t wait to see you all!
We are a career service run by students for students. As a union of the 5 most established and prestigious career societies at University College London, we will equip you with the best career support on campus! Our member societies are UCL Business, Entrepreneurs,Data Science, Investment and Women in Finance Societies.
The #Guildfamily is much more than an alliance of career societies. We help each other reach our maximum potential and this includes helping you get the most out your time at UCL. This is why we are hosting a (very) informal coffee with the Guild to chat about being a fresher, tips and tricks of living in London, how to survive freshers week etc.
So grab a oat/almond/goat/cow milk cappuccino and join us at this link:
In the mean time you can check out our social media @uclguild and our blog: