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Tuesday 24 September 201919.30 to 23.00

Join the UCL Art Societies for an event where you can meet and talk to members from all the Arts committees! Watch them showcase what their societies do and maybe even have a go for yourself on the stage. Whether you’re a dancer, singer, actor or just want to learn how to be on a production team, come along and bask in the everyone’s diverse talent.

Accessibility Information:

Mully’s & Huntley: Step-free accessibility via the ramp leading into 136 Gower Street (Lewis Building), which can be found around the building (Gower Place side). Once inside the building, turn to the first set of doors on the right, through the café seating area, and to the left (where the café is situated). There is a lift next to the stairs. Take it to floor G2 for the Huntley (turn left out of the lift), and the basement (B2) for Mully’s (head straight out of the lift).