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Tuesday 24 September 201913.00

We will be attending an auction at Sotheby’s beginning at 1 pm. This is not only a special opportunity to get first-hand experience of how an auction works in real time, but it will also be interesting to experience an auction surrounding objects that are not typically considered in the history of art, namely books. The auction is the “Highlights from Charles Dickens: The Lawrence Drizen Collection: This library, carefully assembled over many decades with meticulous attention to detail, condition and association, is one of the most valuable and most important collections of Dickens remaining in private hands. Highly comprehensive in its scope it includes over 25 presentation copies inscribed by the great Victorian author to close friends, unique “reading copies” used by Dickens in his tours and performances, and first editions unsurpassed for condition and provenance.” 

We ask that you arrive at the location at least 15 min prior to the event - We will meet at the main entrance of Sotheby's (34-35 New Bond Street) although that entrance is currently closed, because we will be heading to the Sotheby's Lower Grovner Gallery across the street, which is where the auction will be taking place.