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Monday 21 September 202019.00 to 21.00
Hi everyone,
Do you love discovering new cultures? Are you a helpless Romantic? Do you want to learn how to dance without destroying your hamstring muscles? Do you want to take part into a small - yet super friendly society - where you will get to know all of the other members during our socials?
If you’ve said yes to any of these questions – then please join UCL’s Argentine Tango Society, and join our taster session where you will get to know the committee and learn a few steps!!
Thanks to our incredible teachers - who give weekly beginner lessons - you will no longer dance as a baby gnu in NO time (I promise, we’ve all been there)!
Information for our Taster - session:
o On the 21st of September at 07:00 PM (BST):
Meeting ID: 857 1758 3784
Passcode: 240713
…… and you can find information on dates and times of the next lessons via our Facebook page!
Have a LOVELY day,
- The UCL Argentine Tango Society’s Committee