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Wednesday 14 October 202016.00

This is the second talk in our Introduction to Effective Altruism series. In this virtual talk, Arden Koehler will introduce you to some of the key principles underlying 80,000 Hours work, how they conduct their research and give you tips how you can use your career to do the most good you can!

Arden Koehler studied at New York Univerity, where she obtained a PhD in Philosophy, with a specialisation in ethics and attitudes toward time. She now works with 80,000 Hours a non-profit EA organisation that aims to help people switch into a career that effectively tackles the worlds most pressing problems.

80,000 hours carries out research to identify the careers that best address these problems, publish online content (including amazing podcasts on a range of topics!), and provide 1-to-1 career advice to help you find the best career to do good.