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Monday 18 March 201918.00

It's the end of another year of ArabSoc, and while we've enjoyed it, we're also excited to welcome in the new committee!

If you think you have what it takes to be on ArabSoc 19-20, then please read on! Otherwise, please still come to our AGM!! We'll be having committee and member awards as well as a nice social to round off the year! For some jokes and giggles we will also be having an Arabsoc edition of MEAN TWEETS so if you'd like to have your one and only chance to roast us then please fill out this google form:

Positions available:

- Overall responsibility for the society
- Primary point of contact between the Union and the committee/society
- Attends union meetings and feeds back to the committee

- Managing the society accounts and finances
- Reimburses expenses
- Secures sponsorships

Vice-President x2
- Run the society alongside the president
- Attend any union meetings when needed

Welfare Officer
- Shall attend annual Welfare Officer Training Day
- Responsible for any activity within the Welfare Officer remit
- Look out for and advocate for the welfare of society members and committee

Community Outreach Officer
- Look for opportunities to work with local communities
- Work together with Charities and Collaborations Officers

General Secretary
- In charge of the mail out
- Attends meetings and takes minutes

Media Officer
- Creative director
- Ensure all posters/artwork for events are made well in advance

Publicity Officer x2
- Both will look after the Facebook page and the Group Chat
- One lead looks after Twitter; the other, Instagram
- Ensure Facebook events are created and posted at least a week in advance

Events Lead x2
- Plan and organise events (including charity events) such as socials and talks
- Lead events if other committee members don't
- Send details to Media and Publicity Officers to get posters ready and the Facebook event page up.

Charity Officer x2
- Work with our partner charity to raise money for our selected charity
- Come up with fundraising ideas
- Potentially form a charity subcommittee
- Work in collaboration with events leads

Collaborations Officer
- Co-ordinate any collaboration with the other societies, communities or universities

SOP Representative
- Promote events at SOP
- Potentially start a SOP network/events to get more engagement

Arabic Classes Officer x1
- Plan, organise and run weekly Arabic classes for beginners and returning students
- Find other students who are willing to teach alongside them (3-4 teachers)

According to union rules, voting for President and Treasurer must now take place ONLINE (along with the nominations) but we will still be holding speeches in person!

* * IMPORTANT 2 * *
In order to apply or to vote, you MUST be a MEMBER. Please buy your membership here:
The deadline for buying membership is FRIDAY 1 MARCH 2019.

* * HOW TO APPLY * *
President and Treasurer must apply via the following link:

All other positions, please send us an email on or message our facebook page with your name, degree, year, the position you would like to apply for and a short paragraph about why you would like to apply for that position

25th February 12:00 – Nominations Open
15th March 12:00 – Nominations Close
18th March, 12:00 – Voting Opens
22nd March, 12:00 – Voting Closes
22nd March, 18:00 – Results announced online.

- Every applicant will give a 2 minute speech
- There will be an opportunity for members to ask questions to the applicants
- Members will vote (for every position other than president and treasurer which will take place online)