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Wednesday 28 October 202017.00 to 21.00

UCL Art Business Society x London Blockchain Labs present two talks on ‘Applications of Blockchain Technologies in Art Business’. The evening will start with an informal networking lounge at 5:00pm GMT, followed by a panel discussion at 6:00pm GMT between Conlan Rios, Founder and CEO of, and the artist Micah Johnson. At 7:30pm GMT we will have a talk from a representative of Dapper Labs’ (flow) CryptoKitties – a platform for collectible kitties that pioneered the use of NFTs (non fungible tokens) outside the immediate fintech context. The event is targeted at both an art and tech-based audience, which will hopefully create a productive and interesting dialogue between the disciplines surrounding art business.

On the 7th of October last week, Christie’s sold its first ever NFT for 105,000 USD (price realised: 131,250 USD) which came to mark an important moment for the cryptoart movement. Behind Lot #433, Robert Alice’s ‘Block 21, is asynchronous art, which is as much of an art movement as it is a platform for collecting rare, programmable digital artworks. Digital canvases are split into ‘layers’ that are fractionally owned and sensitive to exterior flows of data such as time of day. These layers feed into the ‘master’, the output determined by a global community that are all part of this decentralised, ownership network.

Register via Airmeet ( to hear more about, how artists can tokenise art on the blockchain and Micah Johnson’s debut piece on

Check back later for information on the 7:30pm talk, but feel free to register now!