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Wednesday 28 October 202017.40

Each class is limited to 14 people, sign-ups are on a first-come basis! 
Here are our weekly training details: 
Wednesday @ Bloomsbury gym in Mandela studio at 17:40-18:35
Saturday @ Bloomsbury gym in Mandela studio at 15:25-16:20

Sign-ups for wednesday classes open on Saturday noon GBT 
Sign-ups for saturday classes open on wednesday noon GBT 

*Ensure you have a FULL membership to attend our session
We will email you 2 days before training date with important info- look out for that! 

If you are unable to make it for a training slot that you’ve signed up for, please let us know (FB or email) at least 24 hours in advance so that we can offer up the slots to other interested members! :) Since spaces are limited this would be greatly appreciated. 

If/When this happens, the form will open up again so anyone who couldn’t get a slot can check this form regularly. 

Sign up link (for full members only):…

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