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Wednesday 20 January 202113.00 to 14.00

AIESEC is the world’s biggest student-lead organisation with over 45,000 members in 114 countries. It is a huge platform that aims to make the world a better place by turning young students into our future leaders. Each year, students and recent graduates manage the organisation that facilitates tens of thousands of international exchanges throughout the world. Our local committee AIESEC UCL was established in 2004 and has been growing rapidly ever since.

JOIN our global community at AIESEC UCL and work with us to make even more intercultural exchanges and volunteering projects happen. Through facilitating exchanges, conferences, different events, networking opportunities and activities, we believe that AIESEC UCL will inspire you and provide you with what is needed to have a life-changing experience. There is no safer place to try, fail, and learn to be the best version of yourself, than with our small but diverse family. Apply at by 23 Jan! Note that due to the nature of our society, you need to go through a selection process before you’re officially a member.

Not sure yet? We are hosting a taster session on 20/1 for you to learn more about us. You can register here:

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