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Thursday 21 January 202119.00 to 20.00

“Everyone working to ensure that business acts with respect for people is in the business of behavior change. We want companies, and individuals within them, to act in ways that enable respect for human rights. That being so, it’s intriguing that we have not drawn on the vast range of existing psychological insights about how to influence behavior. In our first-of-its-kind experiment in the business and human rights field, we drew on the field of behavioral science to test how consumer choices might help to reduce pressure on couriers delivering online purchases. We found how best to nudge consumer behavior, which provided some surprising discoveries, data and evidence about what works.” - from jointly authored report Adding Human Rights to the Shopping Cart

Dr Umar Taj’s interest lies in helping public and private institutions apply the latest insights from behavioural science to improve decision making. His current projects span the domains of HR, tech, health, finance, security, politics, education and international development. Umar is the founder of Nudgeathon™ - a crowd-sourcing platform in which diverse teams of stakeholders come together to find behavioural solutions to social problems. He is also the founder of Behaviour Insight™ - a tech-based behaviour change solution that systematically identifies barriers to behaviour change and guides the user to develop successful interventions. He is a Co-Founder of the Cognition Company, an Associate Professor at Warwick Business School and an Executive Teaching Fellow at the LSE.

Katryn Wright focuses on leveraging behavioural science to address common business and human rights challenges and behaviour change initiatives. She is an independent consultant who runs workshops and webinars for companies and advises Shift’s Valuing Respect Project on how behavioural science can support better monitoring and evaluation. Katryn has over 10 years experience in the business and human rights field, having led programmes to inform the practical day-to-day implementation of corporate respect for human rights and to engage companies from the emerging and developing markets for the Global Business Initiative on Human Rights (GBI). She studies Behaviour Change at University College London.

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