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Thursday 19 March 202018.30 to 20.00

UCL Sikh Society’s most important administrative event of the year is fast approaching and we strongly encourage you all to get involved! During this meeting, next year’s committee will be selected and any changes within the society that you would like to see happen are up for discussion.

We invite all members to participate in this meeting either through running for a position or voting for the committee. The information for the roles are given in the following link:

If you would like to run for a position then please nominate yourself and select the roles you are interested in using the following link:

You must complete the form by 23:59 on the 9th March 2020, to stand for a position! After the nomination, you will be invited to give a two minute speech expressing your interest for the role followed by questions from the audience.

The Agenda for the meeting can be found here:

We hope to see you there :)

UCL SIkh Society