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Thursday 26 March 202011.00 to 16.00

Due to the great success of last year’s food festival, we are so excited to bring it BACK this year BIGGER & BETTER!

Come and enjoy a diverse range of foods from the host and home countries of refugees, including Syria, Lebanon, Greece, Turkey, Afghanistan, France and more! We hope that through experiencing the amazing food each culture offers, we will be reminded of our common humanity, and to welcome and stand in solidarity with refugees today. 

A huge thank you to professional food traders who are kindly supporting this event and who have pledged to donate to Safe Passage, an NGO dedicated to providing child refugees safe and legal routes to the UK. Funds will also be raised for UK STAR, a national charity of 34,000 students all committed to welcoming refugees to the UK. You can also make a difference by making a cash donation at the event itself!

There will be be representatives from various charities present if you would like to find out ways on how you can get involved in refugee-related causes! 

For more information, here’s the link to the event on FB: