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Wednesday 25 March 202018.00

TL;DR: Future committee election and new constitution vote. Join us!

Hola lovely people,
the time has come. The end of term is fast approaching and it is time for a new committee to take on the challenge of fighting bureaucracy for the freedom of parkour.

After much consideration within the committee, we have decided to put forward a motion to change the constitution of the club to reduce the amount of committee positions. This will have to be voted on by the entire club at the AGM, so PLEASE come along even if you have stopped coming to training or just like coming to socials . The venue has been masterfully selected to be at UCL so no one has an excuse not to attend.

The Positions (new proposal):
1. President
2. Treasurer
3. Welfare Officer (takes on role of volunteering officer as well)
4. Training Officer
5. Social Secretary (takes on most of the social media role as well

The positions that we had on the committee this year were: President, Treasurer, Welfare Officer, Volunteering Officer, Training Officer, Social Secretary, Media Secretary, Sponsorship Officer.

The reduction in positions is expected to massively improve communication, streamline the functionality of the committee, make meetings easier to organise, make large decisions easier to take and have a more involved committee in general. If the proposal does not pass, the previous positions will remain for grabs.

In order to nominate yourself, please either tell a member of the current committee in person or drop one of us a message, or if you are feeling super confident drop a post on this event. Unlike the other clubs at UCL we will NOT have an ONLINE election, so nomination can happen even at the AGM !

I hope to see all of you there!
The President,