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Wednesday 21 October 202019.30 to 21.00

It’s a Wednesday double feature with Beauty (JonBenet Blonde) and the Beast (Dr Sharson Husbands) hosting a quiz on all things that matter to them: LOVE, SEX, AND MOVIES!

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This quiz is ZOOMED directly from Sharon’s boudoir directly into your wifi capable devices: remember to STAY ALERT.

Please note that drag artistes provide a queer form of entertainment that is best enjoyed with

·       An open heart

·       An open mind

·       An open bottle

·       And no phobic responses

You better bet this is 18+.

JonBenet Blonde is a DJ, Model and Performer. She was Miss Sink the Pink in around 1886 and enjoys the pop classics (not just Kyli!e) and the famous Karen’s of filmic lore.

Dr Sharon Husbands is a know-it-all drag-thing. Someone gave her a PhD somewhere between Britney’s breakdowns. She likes lesbian romantic comedies and not tucking.

To join follow the link - 

Get the link