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Every year, we hold our Volunteering Awards because we want to give our volunteers some well-deserved recognition for all the contributions they have made through volunteering.  Here’s our need-to-know article on our Volunteering Awards if you want to find out more. 

We’ve sadly had to cancel our Awards evening in June, but we’re planning our online Volunteering Awards because we still want to put a spotlight on your achievements. In the meantime, you can request a volunteering certificate and nominate for the Awards below.

Request a certificate

Volunteers are now able to request certificates for their volunteering! Certificates will show the organisation you’ve been volunteering with and is signed by the Volunteering Service Manager and Vice-Provost Anthony Smith. We’ll make sure to send you a PDF copy in June, so even if you’re not near UCL, you won’t be missing out! 

Request your certificate here!


While every volunteer is presented with a certificate, there are prizes for those who deserve extra recognition for something amazing they’ve achieved as a volunteer! And don’t be afraid to self-nominate - we want you to be proud of your achievements. The deadline to submit your nomination is 30 April, but the earlier the better! 

Individual Awards

We have four Individual Awards up for grabs this year. Winners of each award will received a personalised certificate and a £50 Amazon voucher!

You can nominate for the following: Most Committed Volunteer, Biggest Impact, Best Volunteer Moment and Wildcard.

Student-Led Project Awards

Calling all Project Leaders! Make sure your Project is recognised for all the fantastic things it has achieved this year.

Nominate your Project for our Project of the Year Award for formal recognition, a certificate, trophy and £100 for a celebratory social.

If your project is brand new this year - don’t fret! We also have a Best Newcomer Award for just that.

Organisation Award

The charities you volunteer with dedicate lots of time and effort into ensuring you have the best volunteering experience possible. 

Nominate the charity you volunteer with for our Organisation of the Year Award to thank them for their support.

Be a Champion

We’re looking for Champions to share their volunteering stories. If you’d like to be one of our Champions and a face of Volunteering 2020, just let us know.

You have all done some amazing things this year through volunteering - let’s shout out about them!