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Check out what students have been up to this year by reading their stories and if you’d like to contribute your own story please contact Yasmin for a chat!

Rhianna Betts, a second-year History student, was more than happy to share her volunteering story. Find out what she’s been getting up to as an LGBT+ ambassador, how she developed her public speaking skills, and the importance of talking about LGBT+ experiences.

“I think it’s such an amazing way to help people. Five, ten years ago, I don’t think what Just Like Us do would have even been a thing in schools.” Read more

Emilia Vandamme and Ieva Karvelyte came into the office to talk to us about their experiences setting up and volunteering with On & Up: Women in Finance, a project that aims to empower young women and encourage them to go to university and follow their passions.

“We want to empower these girls…we love making a real difference and seeing all the girls so happy to be able to have opportunities” Read more

Anjumon Ali tells us about the project she’s set up with her peers in BA Geography this year.  Double Exposure has been set up in collaboration with a Camden-based charity supporting vulnerable adults to run photography workshops - raising awareness of people experiencing homelessness in London.

“I am really excited about the workshops but also nervous. We have put in a lot of hard work in preparing these sessions and hopefully we are successful in putting a smile on our clients’ faces and helping them to really express themselves freely.” Read more.

Arina Al-Rhosky is a 2nd year Mechanical Engineering student, who came in for a chat about her experience as a Project Leader for ‘Engineers for International Development Outreach’. She tells us the benefits of cultivating your own project, how it feels to inspire students, and some top tips if you’re interested in Student-Led Projects!

“It’s so lovely to see young students have so much passion about STEM – it warms my heart.” Read more.

We spoke with 3rd Year Chemistry student Rianna Pindoria, who has been busy volunteering at Ongoing placements, at One-Off Events and with Student-Led Projects!

“It ended up being very rewarding knowing I was doing something proactive with my time, which I would have spent watching TV otherwise.” Read more.

Our Guest Blogger, Jenny Murphy, looks back on the Profile project’s first years and explores some of our favourite interviews.

The diversity of opportunities at UCL is something we strive to showcase through this project, and through the year, we’ve captured a number of different views and experiences of students.’ Read more

Ava Halvai is a Befriender Volunteer and the Current Holder of the Octavia Foundation Befriender of the Year Award. 

“I feel like we always think ‘we’re giving back’ by volunteering but you gain so much from it as well.” Read more.

Lara Parienti is a second year BSc Applied Medical Sciences student and a Patient Anti-Boredom Volunteer at the UCH Cancer Centre, with UCH Cancer Fund

“It’s just such a small thing to do, but it really makes a big impact.” Read more.

Dan Hadary is a MSC Public Policy Student and a Data & Questionnaire Analyst Volunteer for Kingsgate Community Centre. 

“It’s just a really positive atmosphere and a really good way to spend a day a week.” Read more.

Liluo Yan is an MSc Global Prosperity student and a Volunteer Tutor at Action Tutoring.

”It’s useful to think of maths as a tool. You don’t have to like mathematics, but it will help you a lot in the future and present.” Read more.

Yiwei Wang is a second-year BSc Psychology student and a volunteer befriender for the Association of Jewish Refugees.

“At first, I just wanted to try something I really enjoy and now it’s like having a friend.” Read more.

Matthew Appleton is a second year BSc Geography student, and a volunteer befriender for Holborn Community Association.

“I just think that gives an opportunity very different to what you’d get in UCL; the opportunity to meet someone with a completely different age, perspective, or worldview.” Read more.

Ellen Sowerby is a final year BA History with a Year Abroad Student, based in the School of Slavonic and East European Studies, and volunteered as a part-time Policy and Influencing Intern at CLIC Sargent.

“The team looked after me and wanted me to get a lot out of it, which made all the difference.” Read more.

Sarah Wong is a medical student, who is intercalating in Medical Anthropology, and volunteers as a Mentor at the Refugee Therapy Centre in Holloway.

“It’s such a good opportunity to meet people from diverse backgrounds.” Read more.

Fausta Gabola is in her third year studying BSc Human Sciences student. She’s volunteered with Salusbury World Refugee Centre, where she helped out as a Homework Club Volunteer.

“I honestly just really loved seeing them learn, and teaching children was great… I felt like I was really helping them out.” Read more.

Ilaria Gimondi is a Chemical Engineering PhD candidate, and volunteers in the Information Age Gallery at the Science Museum in Kensington

“The team of volunteers is amazing – they want to teach you, they want to involve you.” Read more.

Khushboo Khatri is a fourth-year Medicine student, and the chairperson for Spectrum UCL

“Knowing that I’m helping, even if it’s just one person, it’s just a very nice feeling.” Read more.

Adam McGee is a Final Year BA History student and Project Leader for the Student-Led Project, Politeach

“I’ve enjoyed the idea that we can run a charity project that has tangible impacts around London whilst still working with fellow students.” Read more.

Tara Nelson is in her first year studying BASc. Arts and Sciences. She volunteered for Action Against Hunger and UCL’s Dance Society, where she participated in a charity showcase and helped out at a charity auction. 

“I think it’s just the feeling you get with volunteering, there’s nothing else you can really do to get that feeling.” Read more.

Melike Ozkan, in her first year studying Medicine, volunteered at Over The Wall as a ‘Camp Teammate Volunteer’ for a week during the holidays. 

“Volunteering really gave me a chance to be a ‘kid’ again, and spend a week surrounded by genuine, hard-working volunteers and campers!” Read more.