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You should be paid travel expenses wherever you’re volunteering. If you’re with an external charity registered with the Volunteering Service, they will pay your expenses. We will only work with organisations that pay volunteer travel expenses.

If you’re with one of our registered student-led projects, then you can claim your expenses from the Volunteering Service. Please note that we will pay for bus, tube or standard class rail travel within Transport for London zones 1 – 6. We will only pay for travel outside of Zone 6 in one–off, exceptional circumstances such as conference attendance, and only then with prior agreement.

How to claim:

  • Ensure you get a receipt (a debit/credit card receipt only showing the amount spent is not sufficient).
  • If buying a tube ticket / day travel card, make sure you get a receipt – the ticket machines might retain your ticket. A debit/credit card receipt is not sufficient.
  • If buying with an Oyster card top-up, ask at the counter to print out a summary of your recent journeys (up to ten uses), and highlight the relevant journeys. We cannot reimburse you if you only provide a receipt for the amount you’ve topped–up.
  • If you have a registered Oyster card, you can sign in to your Oyster Online account to view and print off your journey history (up to eight weeks), making sure you highlight the relevant journeys.
  • Bring your receipts/print out to the Volunteering Service office on the first floor of the Lewis’s Building. If you’ve not claimed before, you will need to bring your bank account number and sort code.
  • We’ll put your claim in for processing. You’ll be paid via your bank account. This can take up to two weeks.
  • Note that we can only reimburse money into your own UK bank account

Please remember:
A VAT receipt, travel ticket or proof of travel from TFL can be used for reimbursement of travel expenses.    

A debit/credit card receipt, or a receipt from topping up your Oyster is not sufficient!

If you have any questions, please feel free to get in touch