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Help tackle real issues faced by London’s charities.

Social Hackathons are problem-solving/solution-creating events that take place over the course of one working day. Volunteers will be placed with a local not-for-profit organisation, devising and implementing solutions to issues they are currently facing. Our upcoming series of Social Hackathons happening this July will be held remotely and online.

Working in a team of UCL volunteers (both students and staff), you’ll develop skills, learn about the Third Sector from its own professionals and connect with new communities across London - all from the comfort of your own home!

Some examples from our previous Hackathons include: coming up with an engagement strategy for a museum, designing a website for visually-impaired users and creating a social enterprise. You can find out more about our previous Social Hackathons and what our UCL volunteers thought about them here.

If you are interested in taking part, please apply through our online webform. By highlighting your existing skills and those you wish to develop, you will be allocated a project that you can really excel in.

The deadline to apply for our Social Hackathons this July has now passed. Our Social Hackathons aren’t the only way of helping the community and developing your skills - check out our volunteering directory for other opportunities that do just that.