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Our programme, iCode is set up to teach primary school students, in Years 5 and 6, the foundations of programming. Due to the way technology is evolving and shaping the educational landscape, we feel that it is imperative to expose children to computer programming from a young age so that they can begin secondary school with a background in coding,  and can therefore work towards a greater level of competency. Children do not usually get the opportunity to learn programming, or what it even is until they study it late on in their educational endeavours, where it can be intimidating to learn some basic skills; we aim to provide these skills through simple presentations and engaging programming activities. Students who attend these sessions will have a huge advantage when beginning secondary school as they will have been introduced to such a vital subject that opens doors and teaches skills transferable to all disciplines.

Volunteering for this project will consist of teaching the children how to code in an engaging manner so as to spark an interest in the field of programming. This does not require expertise in the field of programming, and even a background in mathematics is sufficient to understand the basic languages that we will be working with. As you will be working primarily with children, a lot of patience and grit will be required however this role will be greatly beneficial in enhancing one's interpersonal skills and ability to convey meaning clearly and concisely.