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SLP Directory Friends of Refugees: accompanying minors to Court

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This project is in partnership with Shpresa Programme, a user-led organisation that promotes Albanian contributions to and participation in British society.

We are recruiting volunteers to accompany unaccompanied Albanian asylum seekers to their court hearings. This has two purposes:

  1. It offers emotional support to a vulnerable young person going through a difficult and stressful experience.
  2. If a judge sees that an asylum seeker is not on their own, and has community support, they are more likely to rule in favour of the refugee.

Shpresa will provide workshops and training for your role, as well as on Albanian culture and the status of Albanian refugees more generally. We aim to have more than one volunteer accompany each refugee (the majority of whom speak English – otherwise we will ensure an Albanian-speaker goes with you!).

To find out more join our facebook group.