We have over 5 years experience working in Islington, Hackney, Camden, Southwark, Lewisham, Greenwich and Lambeth. We have worked with over 5000 young people and families till date especially those from minority and disadvantaged backgrounds. The Sapphire Foundation aims to equip young people to not only be their best version of themselves but also inspire them to have a genuine insight of what they would like to pursue in the near future

The sole purpose of The Sapphire Foundation is to build people up. Moreover, to ensure that each individual finds what they are meant to do in life. We aim to provide a platform and pathway for young people all over the world find their callings

Empowering, Inspiring, Training, Motivating and Educating young people aged 10 to 30 years old through Literature, Events, Media and Programmes.

1. Reducing mental health issues
2. Reducing homelessness
3. Reducing crime rates
4. Reducing unemployment
5. Increasing young people in education or training
6. Increasing skills development

The Sapphire Foundation Soup Kitchen
The Sapphire Community Group is going to be starting our very own Sapphire Soup Kitchen running at our Camden community space every Wednesday and every Friday
Graphic Designer Volunteer
We are looking for a creative designer that can help us reach out to more people and help us in our aim to teach and inspire individuals to believe in themselves and see their full potential.
Community Engagement Volunteer
As a Community Engagement Volunteer you will allow us to connect to the community and make it a better place; encouraging community participation in consultation and decision-making.
Research Volunteer
As a Research volunteer you will be carrying out research, and reporting to ensure that strong evidence and investigation influences the Sapphire's priorities and actions, and to be used in order t