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Opportunity: Sustainability Ambassadors

Regular volunteering
Commitment - more information: 
This is a 20 hour volunteering role starting in October and ending in May and can be flexibly worked around students' study priorities. Students will receive a certificate and points on their academic HEAR report. Equivalent to 1 hour a week over seven months from October – May. There will be an initial 4-hour training workshop in November. 1 day in May for Green Impact Auditing.
Opportunity description: 

UCL has the most ambitious sustainability commitments of any UK university; by 2024 we will be a single-use plastic-free campus, have zero carbon buildings, 1.5 football pitches of additional biodiverse space and every student will have the opportunity to study sustainability. But for this to happen we need students who are enthusiastic about sustainability issues to help make this change possible. Join us in helping UCL transition to a carbon positive institution by becoming a Sustainability Ambassador, while building your leadership skills, growing your network and making friends along the way!

There are a number of roles available to suit your interests and skills:

Student’ Union (SU) Sustainability Ambassadors: SU Sustainability Ambassadors play an important role in making sustainability a priority for the Students’ Union. There are three different types of roles available with the Students’ Union:

1) Operations: If you are interested in the commercial aspect of the Union, this may be for you! The union runs four cafes, four bars, a shop and a gym. This role would involve working with the Union to implement the new Sustainability Plan in these outlets. Additionally, this role involves working with some of the over 300 societies in the Union towards a more sustainable future.

2) Communications and Engagement: The Union publishes many different content types on several platforms. In this role you will work towards crafting engaging social media posts and you will contribute to the Union’s website and newsletter, with the goal of getting more students informed and involved in sustainability.

3) External advocacy: If you are interested in getting involved with protests and campaigns, this could be a perfect position for you! This role involves bridging the gap between the Union and both existing and new advocacy projects.

Departmental Sustainability Ambassadors: Gain skills in project management, communications and leadership by supporting and motivating staff participating in Green Impact, an environmental behaviour change programme run by SOS-UK. In this role, you can also develop your own sustainability initiatives and projects. Sustainable UCL will work with you and your team to ensure the project is suitable.

Strategy Sustainability Ambassadors: UCL has some ambitious sustainability commitments, so we need your help to make them happen! We have three different roles for you:

1) Education for Sustainable Development: UCL has committed to every student being able to study sustainability at UCL by 2024. This role will allow students to collaborate with Sustainable UCL to create a meaningful and engaging sustainability short course. If you are passionate about embedding sustainability into UCL’s education and have lots of ideas - this is the role for you!

2) Wild Bloomsbury: Are you green fingered or interested in biodiversity? UCL has committed to increaseing biodiversity on campus by 10,000 square meters by 2024. This role involves working with Sustainable UCL to analyse which areas of the university could have green initiatives.

3) Communication and Engagement: UCL aims to engage students and staff in topics of sustainability. We strive to make engaging content which is inclusive and reflective of our diverse global community. In this role you will create student blogs, social media posts, events and any other media content you think would be engaging.

Think & Do Sustainability Ambassadors: Gain skills in community engagement and facilitating workshops to enable climate action by creating a UCL Think & Do team. You will have the opportunity to develop your own climate action initiatives and to connect with Camden Council and local community groups.

Find out more about the programme and roles here:…

This volunteering would take place on the UCL campus and virtually, depending on the individual role.
Application deadline: 
Wednesday, 4 November 2020 - 9:00am
What measures have you put in place to ensure volunteers’ safety during COVID-19?: 
All these volunteering opportunities takes place at UCL, which has put in place extensive safety measures in response to COVID-19 that we, as part of the university, automatically adhere to as well. For further information please see: All trainings for these roles will be virtual. Meetings for these roles will be virtual for the foreseeable future.

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