Light Bulb Club
We are an educational project aimed at students in Year 5-6 of primary school, founded in Shanghai, China in 2018. As of 2021 we have educated a total of 107 students. This year marks the establishment of our first overseas branch in London, UK.

Light Bulb Club is an educational project aimed at children in Year 5-6 of primary school that uses originally designed textbooks. We are looking for designers who can create aesthetically attractive and entertaining textbooks to engage children's interest in our workshops.

Time commitment

You will start designing textbooks in November 2021 and design a total of 10 weeks' teaching material. Our workshops with children that will be using your textbooks are planned to take place from January to March 2022. You do not have to complete all 10 weeks' textbooks before January, but need to complete each week's material before the relevant week starts.

Your time to work on textbooks will be flexible depending on your convenience, and you are able to work from anywhere you prefer.
Application deadline
What measures have you put in place to ensure volunteers’ safety during COVID-19?

This is an opportunity offered by a Student-Led Volunteering Project. It is run by UCL students and supported and supervised by staff in Students' Union UCL Volunteering Service.