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The View Magazine and Rebell Justice Societies
By and for women in the justice system - and starting important student led societies at the leading universities across England. A grass-roots social enterprise and campaigning platform that gives voice to women in the justice system, provides an outlet for creativity and builds financial independence.  The View is building Rebel Justice Societies to engage more students interested in activism…

The View Magazine is a campaigning organisation that focuses on the rights of women in the justice system.  We publish a quarterly magazine, which is available for sale in bookshops and newsagents and also via subscription. We send over 2 000 copies into women's prisons, free of charge. We advocate for less incarceration and much better funded and accessible mental health services.  

Rebel Justice

Rebel Justice Societies are set up as independent societies at the UK'S leading universities, by invitation from The View Magazine CiC, a campaigning organisation. Rebel Justice Societies are catalysts for social change, attracting the brightest minds who will form a fairer future. 

The View Magazine

A grass-roots social enterprise and campaigning platform that amplifies the voices of women in the criminal justice system, provides an outlet for creativity, and liberates through financial independence. 

The View Magazine was started by a group of women while incarcerated to platform the challenges they faced with the criminal justice system. We are fighting for decarceration,  better informed judges, community diversion, justice reinvention, effective rehabilitation, and social inclusion.


What does all this mean? Join us today and find out.


Time commitment

We are asking for a minimum commitment of 2 days a week, but these can be flexible. Where you are volunteering for a whole day with us, we will pay for lunch and coffees!
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What measures have you put in place to ensure volunteers’ safety during COVID-19?
These admin positions are all remote at present. When this changes, we have adequate COVID19 measures in place such as social distancing, providing masks and working from home if desired or preferred.

This organisation is one of our community partner organisations.

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