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Our One-Off Volunteering Ambassadors are here to help you make the most of your One-Off Volunteering experience! 

They each attend one event a month and can travel with you from UCL campus.

We mark up any events that the Ambassadors are attending. So, when browsing our One-Off Volunteering opportunities, make sure you keep an eye out for their logo!

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Now that you know what a One-Off Volunteering Ambassador does, would you like to become an Ambassador yourself?

We are looking for a fourth Ambassador to attend One-Off Volunteering Opportunities as a representative of the Volunteering Service and also write up short blog pieces about their volunteering experience.

If you’re interested in helping us make students’ One-Off Volunteering experience unforgettable then make sure to send us an email! 

Meet the team! 


“I love painting and learning new languages. I find painting to be a very relaxing activity, and I think that learning new languages enables me to deepen my understanding of different cultures and learn more about the world around us.”


“I am a health and fitness enthusiast - from spin to barre classes I must have tried everything on offer, I also probably spend way too much time in the kitchen for your regular University student.  I can speak three languages and I am currently learning Spanish.”


“I always combine science and arts, say I’m interested in Bach’s notes with mathematic graphs when I play the piano. I’m also a language enthusiast. Working on subtitle translating, I can help others out by binging the show myself in both Chinese and English, sometimes Korean and German.”