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Why is volunteering so important?

You’ve already got a full diary, with lectures, revision, exams, nights out and activities. Why add another thing to your list?

It turns out that volunteering doesn’t just help others. It makes you feel better too.

Here are just three reasons to give back:

1) People need your help

London is a big city, and there are many out there that need support. Whether you’re helping people get back on their feet, or giving lonely people some company, volunteering gives you the chance to make someone’s day brighter.

When we asked organisations what impact our volunteers had, we heard:

77% were able to increase the difference they make

65% found they could maintain existing services

33% were able to start new ones

2) It gives you purpose

We survey our students every year to find out how volunteering has affected them. And we usually find it’s made a real difference to their confidence and self-esteem. In our 2015 survey, we found:

92% felt happier thanks to volunteering

88% said they learned more about people from different backgrounds

85% said they improved their problem solving skills

Research from the University of Wales also suggests that volunteering can reduce depression and stress.

3) It can pave the way to a new career

Volunteering is a life experience, and gives you a clearer view of the world around you. And it can also give recruiters a clearer idea of who you are.

By supporting charitable and community causes, you’ll show your ability to work as a team, solve problems, and show initiative, and take on responsibility. And that’s hugely important to future employers.