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Why is volunteering so important?

You’ve already got a full diary, with lectures, revision, exams, nights out and activities. Why add another thing to your list?  Volunteering doesn’t just help others. It makes you feel better too and enriches your time here in London.

Here are just four reasons to volunteer:

1) Support your wellbeing

Volunteering to support something you feel passionate about is a great way to enhance your wellbeing.  UCL students consistently say that volunteering makes a real difference to their confidence, happiness and wider wellbeing. In our 2017 summer survey, 76% who completed it felt that our opportunities had improved their wellbeing through the year.

2) Develop your skills

Volunteering is a life experience, and gives you a clearer view of the world around you. And it can also give recruiters a clearer idea of who you are. By supporting charitable and community causes, you’ll show your ability to work as a team, solve problems, show initiative and take on responsibility. And that’s hugely important to future employers.

In our 2018 summer survey 91% of volunteers said that through their community volunteering they had become better at understanding other people, 88% said they’d become better at collaborating with others and 85% said they were now better at communicating professionally.

3) Provide a new insight to your studies

Taking the time to volunteer during your time here in London doesn’t just develop your professional skills, it can also help you think in new ways and provide you with opportunities to support your academic studies.  In our 2017 summer survey, 55% of volunteers said that volunteering through us had given them insights into their studies.

With over 500 varied, diverse and enriching opportunities available, the likelihood of you being able to apply your volunteering experience to your academic studies in some way is only likely to increase.

4) Feel a greater sense of place and belonging in London

London is a big city, and there are many people out there that need support. Whether you’re helping people get back on their feet, or giving lonely people some company, volunteering gives you the chance to make someone’s day brighter.

We choose who we want to work with to promote volunteering opportunities to you - our vetting and registration process for charities and not-for-profit organisations is there to safeguard you and your volunteering - whether you get involved through one of our partner organisations on the directory, student-led volunteering projects or our Community Research Initiative for Students.