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If you are volunteering with children or vulnerable adults through our Student-Led Projects, you may be asked to complete a Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) check. These used to be known as CRB checks.

This is a UK legal requirement for those in positions of trust in roles that involve contact with children (someone who is under 18) or regular contact with vulnerable adults. You will find information about the DBS Service and requirements on this webpage.

If you have had any criminal convictions these will be identified on the DBS check and will then be used to consider whether these are compatible with involvement in a particular volunteering project. A previous conviction will not be an automatic bar to volunteering - rather, your DBS check will enable the recruiter to assess whether you will be suitable for a particular role.

How to get a DBS Check done

If you’re volunteering with an external charity, you should speak to them about whether you will need a DBS and how to apply.

If you are volunteering on our Student-Led Volunteering Programme, your project leader will inform you if you need a DBS. If you do need a DBS, you should apply through the Volunteering Service. In the first instance, you should come to our offices to with three forms of identification between 13:00 and 15:00 Monday - Friday.

Once we have seen your identification, we will send you a link to complete the DBS application online. It’s important that you apply as early as possible as the check process can take some weeks. 

If you need a DBS check as a requirement for your UCL course, we won’t be able to process your check. Instead, please visit the UCL DBS webpages

If you need a DBS check for an employer or for volunteering not organised through our office, then please contact the organisation directly as we won’t be able to process your check.

If you have any questions about your DBS check, please contact the SLVP Admin team.