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Museum Assistant Volunteer

The Museum Assistant role is fast-paced and varied, with the Museum Assistant being involved in various tasks throughout the day. The duties of Museum Assistant range from sales and cash handling, promoting Gift-aid donations, queue management, way-finding, and information assistance. We are looking for volunteers who would ideally like to donate one 4 hour every week, either as a 10:00-14:00 shift, or a 14:00-18:00 shift, for a minimum of 3 months. Ideally you will be able to start immediately, although this is not essential.

Museum Assistant

Featuring over 12,000 original items from the unique Robert Opie Collection, discover how well-loved brands evolved through their creative use of packaging and advertising - and how we evolved with them. The history of consumer culture is revealed decade by decade in our ?time tunnel?, from the naive charm of the Victorian era to the sophistication of today.