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Volunteer Outreach


Hackney Playbus are looking for outreach/chaperones volunteers to help reach the most disadvantaged family giving them access to free play services for their children aged 5 and under and an opportunity to build their confidence and create a network of support.

You will be working in pairs, going out into communities and letting residents know about the Hackney Playbus, where it is available, and encouraging them to use the free service!

Volunteer Playworker - Under 5’s


You will be helping to provide one to one play opportunities to under 5’s and personalised support to parents and carers.

You will be creating opportunities for:

- children from disadvantaged backgrounds to have access to toys and play they may not otherwise have.

- connect parents and carers and encourage them to make friends and create support networks they may not otherwise have

- build parents and carers confidence and signpost them to services suitable for them