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Opportunity: English conversation partners needed for international students

We are looking for English conversation partners to help international students improve their English communication skills. You will be working with international students who are studying at the UCL Centre for Languages & International Education on a 3 or 4 week English language and British culture course. The students are keen to communicate in English and meet UCL students.

The ‘Cultural Exchanges’ will be held on a Wednesday afternoon January to March. You may join just for one time or come to as many as you would like to.

Opportunity: Educational Mentoring

Young refugees can face many barriers in achieving their full academic potential, including lack of English, moving from school to school, different teaching styles to those they have experienced before, and the asylum process itself. The educational mentoring project provides a young refugee or migrant with a structured supportive relationship; they have one to one time with an adult each week to work on academic development. The project aims to improve educational attainment, improve fluency in oral, spoken and written English and to increase the young person*s confidence and self-esteem.

ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages)Tutor



United Migrant Workers Education Project (UMWEP) is looking for volunteer tutors to deliver its Alternative Education Model (AEM). We welcome experienced ESOL and ICT Tutors/Assistant Tutors, but also those with an interest in non-formal adult education. You don’t need a teaching qualification to join our project, but we require you have a good standard of the subject you want to teach.

Opportunity: Adult Literacy Project

To help people develop their English language literacy skills through 1-1 weekly sessions.

Opportunity: English Teacher Volunteer

We are looking for volunteers to teach English as part of our Activities & Events programme. This project supports older people at risk of social isolation by bringing them together to learn a new skill - and will really make a difference to our beneficiaries who do not have English and their first language.

Opportunity: Science Outreach for International Students/Scientists

You will be acting as a role-model for pupils who speak English as an additional language. By talking about your studies/work in a foreign language, you’ll be promoting the integrated learning of science and language, in a fun and interactive setting.

Opportunity: ESOL volunteer

To support learners to improve their English skills and confidence in a group setting led by a qualified ESOL teacher.

Opportunity: Bengali/Sylheti Speaking Befriender

The Holborn Community Association Befriending Scheme aims to reduce loneliness and isolation and improve the quality of life of older people living in the Holborn area.

Opportunity: ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages) Homework Club Volunteer

To support and mentor teenage students with their English and Maths Homework and help them gain self-confidence and an opportunity to speak English with a wider variety of people in society.

Opportunity: World Stories Contributor

To write/translate and proofread stories

Opportunity: English Teacher (one-to-one)

To improve the English language knowledge of LADPP volunteers to improve their prospects of employment and integration in the UK.

Science Outreach for International Students/Scientists


Calling international students and researchers to help tackle educational disadvantage! Immigrant pupils are more likely to underachieve and to be unemployed when leave school. We organise innovative, cross-curricular workshops in schools to help immigrant pupils reach their full potential by meeting role-models.