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Virad Kisan is a 5th year Medical student, project founder and leader for the new Student-Led Volunteering Project, First Aid Skills. This project gives young people an introduction to first aid and allows young people to achieve their skills section for the Duke of Edinburgh award.

Already a Project Leader for Let’s Get Out There, another Student-Led Volunteering Project working with young people to help them with their Duke of Edinburgh Award, he was asked by Camden Council if he was willing to teach young people who had expressed an interest in first aid. Being a Medical student, and also an Advanced First Aider with St John Ambulance, he jumped at the opportunity.

Virad is part of the St John Ambulance Medical Response Team and helps to provide first aid at events such as Notting Hill Carnival and London Marathon. He is a very firm believer that everybody should have some first aid skills. He knows from experience that if you do simple first aid well you can be the difference between a life lost and a live saved.

The teaching he gives the young people is based on his St John Ambulance training. He expands on this using his medical knowledge and clinical experience. As for the impact he and the other volunteers have had, he feels they’ve not only learned first aid skills, but also gained vital life skills giving them the confidence to do the right thing. Virad has been impressed by the engagement the young people have shown, and they have kept coming back week after week.

As for the impact of the project on himself, Virad feels that teaching skills to other people has helped to enhance his existing knowledge in the field. He has also learned more about leadership and working with a group of skilled and experienced volunteers.

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