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On 15 December 2019, UCL volunteers went to St Anns Shopping Centre to get involved in a gift-wrapping event to raise money for St Mark’s Hospital Foundation.  

To show their love and appreciation for loved ones on Christmas, lots of people bought gifts at St Anns Shopping Centre and volunteers helped customers to wrap the gifts in return for a donation to St Mark’s Hospital Foundation. For the gift-wrapping process, volunteers used festive wrapping paper, tape, ribbon, and decorations to make the gifts more appealing and we even had stickers with the St Mark’s Hospital logo! The volunteers learned how to work as a team effectively and efficiently, and over the four days we raised a fantastic grand total of £826.05 for the foundation!

St Mark’s Hospital is a reputable organisation due to their professionalism, dedication to improving the quality of life for many people every year and raising awareness to the general public and their families about gastrointestinal disease.

Gift wrapping was a good opportunity to share happiness and a love for Christmas Day and New Year, and I guess that’s why so many UCL students ch0ose to be volunteers - I hope others can share the love and make a difference! 

Written by Bixue Wang - One-Off Volunteering Ambassador.

Although the festive season has passed, there are plenty of amazing one-off events where you can have fun whilst helping those in need. If you’re interested in volunteering at these events, take a look at our One-Off Volunteering Programme for other time-light opportunities where you can make a real difference!