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They’re back and they’re better than ever!  Why not make an exceptional summer exceptional and take part in one, or multiple, of the Social Hackathons in our Summer Series; and become a super ‘Social Hacker’?  

WE NEED YOU: Take part in our all-new Summer Series of Social Hackathons 

No travel plans this summer? No problem! We need YOUR expertise and consultancy skills to transform organisations in less than a day’s work with our all-new, super-special Summer Series of Social Hackathons!

We’re putting on an extra-special programme with more opportunities for you to get involved than ever before and help our charity partners transform the functioning of their organisations.  Put your consultancy skills to the test as you work in diverse groups to create innovative solutions to an identified community need or problem.  In just one day’s work (technically even less!), you could make a tangible difference in the running of an organisation, driving effective change and turning ideas into reality.  

So, what difference can I make?

From new ways to gain sponsorship, how to bring modern technologies into the charity sector, how to launch a successful social media campaign, where best to allocate funds, how to reach a broader swathe of beneficiaries and volunteers, or how to increase male representation within an organisation, to name but a few important questions facing our partners; problems abound, and we’re looking for you take the reins and solve them in whatever ways you see fit. And that’s the beauty of a Hackathon: you’re allowed to take the lead with your creativity, exclusive knowledge and prior experience as you collaborate with peers to come up with unique ways to scale an organisation, taking it to new levels of efficacy, and impressing directors, managers and founders alike. If anything at all, it’s a top one for the CV (a great bit of unique consultancy work to boast about), an even better outcome for our partners who’ll hopefully witness their charity move from strength-to strength, and most important of all, a fun day of teamwork, innovation and RESULTS all-round!  What’s more, the more Hackathons you take part in, the more you can fill your Hackathon passport, with prizes and guaranteed certificates in recognition of your efforts on each day.

If you’re not convinced, check out our Social Hackathon Report, showcasing all our ever-popular Hackathon days from this year – and make sure to scroll to the end of the report, where you’ll find the comments from a recent check-in with our charity partners to see how they’re progressing following implementation of your advice. We assure you; they were very happy customers indeed to be in receipt of our expert guidance, and are not only implementing solutions as we speak, but seeing results too! We’re incredibly proud to have some experts among us!

Sign me up!

So, what are you waiting for? Apply now and tell us how you can make a difference this summer.  The deadline for applications is Friday 25th June.  Yes, that’s this Friday; it’s approaching fast!  Sign up here to get your passport to the Summer Series of Summer Hackathons.  It’s the only passport you need this summer!

To find out how else you can turn summer 2021 into the summer that YOU got stuck into volunteering, we’ve created a special article with an 8-part travel plan, detailing exactly how you can make a difference!  Read all about it here.

Make sure to follow us on all of our social media accounts (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter). We’ll be updating these over the coming weeks with all the Hackathon news you need! And don’t forget to sign up for our newsletter to hear all about the weekly opportunities, events, and news in UCL volunteering. 

Written by Rebecca Stewart - Events Assistant

If you’ve been inspired to do some of your own volunteering, a great place to start is our directory. Interested in learning more about the organisations that you could volunteer with? Start with our list of partner organisations, or consider checking out some of our partner profiles; or help one of our very own, bespoke  Student-Led Projects.  And finally, make sure you’re signed up to our weekly newsletter!