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Do you know a UCL student who has helped other people?

Celebrate their selflessness by nominating them for the Oliver Hare Altruism Award!

This Award was set up by the charity Olly’s Future, and exists to celebrate initiative, empathy and altruism within the UCL student community. It covers both formal volunteering and informal support for others. Olly’s Future highlights a legacy of kindness and compassion that epitomises the extensive body of student volunteers we’re lucky enough to have at UCL.

Find out more and nominate before Friday 26 April!

Last year, the Award was won by Dougie Head – whose selflessness in supporting a fellow student through a difficult time in their studies was highly praised. 

This year’s winner will be announced at our Volunteering Awards on 22 May. If you’re a UCL volunteer, make sure you book your place!