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On the very chilly morning of Saturday 7 March, you were most likely asleep in a warm and cosy bed. Meanwhile, UCL Volunteering Society were already up, dressed, and ready to complete a thrilling race in the name of Teenage Cancer Trust!

The event took place in Victoria Park, Hackney. Some volunteers ran a 5k or 10k race, with a few even opting for a half marathon. The well-organised event hosted a massive warm-up, with food stands available and plenty of onlookers eager to cheer the runners on.

The volunteers set off around 10am - a little cold but nonetheless energetic and enthusiastic about the day ahead! Ready to begin the race, they sported bright Teenage Cancer Trust t-shirts to spread awareness of the great cause they were running to promote.

Teenage Cancer Trust is an awe-inspiring charity that offers world-class cancer services for young people in the UK. An undeniably worthy cause, the organisation funds specialist nurses, youth support coordinators and overall care so that teenagers don’t have to face cancer alone.

In 1990, the charity opened the first ever specialised cancer unit for young people, who were previously caught in the age gap between the children’s ward and adult ward in hospitals, thus separated from other young people experiencing similar situations. There are now 28 specialist facilities across the UK for adolescents who are receiving cancer treatment. Teenage Cancer Trust’s emphasis on music, social events and dealing with hair loss following treatment for cancer continually reiterate how successfully they fulfil their aim of supporting and uplifting those who have cancer at a young age.

UCL Volunteering Society raised an impressive £500 on behalf of the charity, which will directly fund the services that Teenage Cancer Trust provide. Volunteering Society’s sizeable contribution is no doubt the result of their sheer dedication to support a wonderful cause and further demonstrates how students can achieve monumental things by coming together.

A congratulations is in order to the students in UCL Volunteering Society for taking on the event in such high spirits. We look forward to seeing them take on their next challenge as a society!

Written by Ruth Woodfield, Student Photojournalist 

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