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I recently participated in a one-off volunteering event at The Salter’s Company on 18 February. 

First licensed in 1394 with origins in the salt trade, The Salter’s company is now a diverse organisation, carrying out various charitable works in science and education. During the half-term, UCL volunteers joined Salter’s Company at their ‘Spectacular Science’ event which was made to introduce children to the wonderful world of science.

Entering the posh lobby of Salter’s Hall, the volunteers did not know what to expect - we would never have imagined that a volunteering event targeted towards children could take place in such a luxurious venue! After exploring the venue and enjoying complimentary tea and biscuits, it was time to set up and get to work.

I was assigned to the story-telling corner for children aged 2 to 6, with a professional from Sphere Science - an organisation that specialises in science activities for schools. The event started with the children being told a story and I was amazed to see how engaged they were at such a young age. They would then get to try science experiments relating to the story they were just told. From using spinning top markers and seeing how the patterns changed with added weights, to making their own optical illusions using Thaumatropes or playing with fake snow, the children were captivated throughout the whole session. As the session neared its end, everyone gathered round to make their own DIY candles, an activity appreciated by children and parents alike! As volunteers, we even got to make our own and take them home.

Spectacular Science was a day of discovery, a great opportunity to play with children and reconnect with the child in us! The people in charge of the event as well as the attendees were so warm and seemed genuinely interested, with some parents even taking notes to redo the experiments at home. But the best part was having the opportunity to try the experiments for ourselves and have the children watching in awe as they realised they could also do magic!

Written by Aisha Aullybux - One-Off Volunteering Ambassador

There are plenty of amazing one-off events where you can not only help others, but get involved in lots of fun. If you’re interested in volunteering at these events, take a look at our One-Off Volunteering Programme for other time-light opportunities. Keep your eyes peeled for our one-off ambassador logo also, in case you want to go along with a friendly face!