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Social Hackathons are problem-solving and solution-creating events that give UCL volunteers first-hand insight into charity careers.

Volunteers are placed with a local not-for-profit organisation for one day, devising and implementing solutions to issues they currently face.

In teams, the volunteers develop skills, learn about the Third Sector from its own professionals and connect with new communities across London.

If you want to find out more about our Social Hackathons, read our page here. You can find out what happened at each Hackathon series and read testimonials from UCL volunteers - it’s definitely worth a read!

Social Hackathons - Summer 2021

No travel plans this summer? No problem! 

Why not make an exceptional summer exceptional and take part in one, or multiple, of the Social Hackathons in our Summer Series?  We’re putting on an extra-special programme with more opportunities for you to get involved than ever before and help our charity partners transform their organisations.  Put your consultancy skills to the test as you group-think innovative solutions to an identified community need or problem.  In just one day’s work, you could make a tangible difference in the running of an organisation, driving effective change and turning ideas into reality.  What’s more, the more you take part in, the more you can fill your Hackathon passport, with prizes and guaranteed certificates in recognition of your efforts.

So, what are you waiting for? Apply now and tell us how you can make a difference this summer.  The deadline for applications is Friday 25th June; it’s approaching fast!  Sign up HERE to get your passport to the Summer Series of Summer Hackathons.  It’s the only passport you need this summer!

And don’t forget to stay in touch - sign up to hear more from us about volunteering!