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Creating Connections East 6
Thursday 8 November 15.00 – 17.00

Stratford Library, The Grove, E15 1EL (10 minute walk from Stratford Underground / Train Station)

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Creating Connections East is our regular networking event that brings together staff and postgraduate students from University College London and the University of East London with representatives from community organisations, charities, residents’ groups, social enterprises and statutory organisations. We have a mixture of themed discussions in small groups with more informal hob-nobbing; the aim is to find areas of common interest and encourage collaborative working.

Previous events have had a good turn out and we’re now onto our sixth edition, rescheduled from March 2018.

If you work or are a postgrad student at UCL and UEL and are interested in making links with community organisations from East London and beyond – please come along.

If you work for a community organisation, or are a member of one, and would like to explore ways you might work with people from UCL and UEL – this event is for you too!

And if you work for a statutory organisation active in East London, you’re welcome as well.

Topics will include:

Technology for Good

  • How might technology better empower local communities?

  • How can engineers and youth workers collaborate to create a positive environment for East London’s young people?

  • How do we interest young people in studying / careers in Engineering?

  • How do we work together to ensure that engineering becomes more inclusive?

Literacy and English as a Second Language (ESOL)

  • How do we ensure people with English as a Second Language are able to participate locally?

  • What are the biggest challenges facing ESOL learners in East London?

  • How can we work together to support ESOL learners?

  • How can universities contribute to raising literacy levels in East London?

Women and Leadership

  • What are the biggest barriers to women achieving leadership positions?

  • Do women in academia and the voluntary sector face similar challenges?

  • How can different sectors work together to ensure that women are able to achieve and be recognised in positions of leadership?

Youth Safety and Youth Opportunity

  • There has been a rise in youth violence in parts of East London, what are the factors contributing to this?

  • What resources can different sectors pool to address these factors?

  • What insights can different academic disciplines give?

Heritage and East London

  • How can heritage activities contribute to people’s well-being?

  • How do we make heritage more accessible to under-served groups so that they too can benefit?

  • Does wellbeing mean the same thing to different audiences?

Note that the event is a short networking event for people interested in these issues – a starting point for finding like-minded people you might want to collaborate with. It’s intended for experts, beginners and everyone in between. It’s not a conference and there won’t be long plenary speeches or workshops!

Light refreshments will be provided.

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If you’ve any questions or comments about the event, contact John Braime at Students’ Union UCL Volunteering Service (, Briony Fleming at UCL’s Public Engagement Unit ( or Joe Crook at University of East London (

Creating Connections East  is organised by UCL’s Public Engagement Unit, Students’ Union UCL’s Volunteering Service, University of East London, and London Borough of Newham.