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Opportunity: Outdoor Education Volunteer

Wild Schools aim to deliver great learning experiences to local primary students through outdoor education.

Using the varied environment of the West Ham Park, sessions are delivered in all primary subjects which are engaging, hands on and memorable. Each session is designed to suit the needs of a specific class in collaboration with the teacher.

So far we have taught over 5000 students outside since the project began in October 2016 in subjects as diverse as maths, art, local history and geography.

Opportunity: Volunteer Gardening Assistant

Working as part of a team, help with the upkeep, development and protection of Castlehaven open spaces so that so that it can be enjoyed by all the community.

Opportunity: Gentle Gardening Volunteer

Make local green spaces more colourful and vibrant through helping with planting and weeding. Volunteering in the sessions will also improve health and reduce isolation of participants by growing food to share and supporting those who need help to get involved or just want to have a chat.

Opportunity: Monthly Gardening Working Party Volunteer

This role’s aim is to help in the upkeep of our grounds to keep the house open free of charge to the public, and in particular, to attend our monthly ‘Butcher a Bramble’ event.

Opportunity: Horticulture Volunteer

We provide training, personal development and educational opportunities to disabled people and those facing health-related barriers to employment, so that they can progress towards their individual goals for life, participation in the community and employment.

Opportunity: Garden Buddy Volunteer

To help support our garden volunteers who have learning disabilities. The garden group teaches new skills while building relationships.

Opportunity: Garden Volunteer

We are looking for volunteers to join the busy team of gardeners at Kenwood House and Estate to assist with the presentation and maintenance of the garden.

Opportunity: Community Gardener

To assist with garden maintenance.