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I will work with UCL on developing a space strategy, as well as scoping the potential of a project to improve faith and prayer facilities on campus.

I will also work to improve the Union’s standing within UCL, including by promoting the Union at UCL Council and increasing awareness of our role and value to UCL, developing a mutually beneficial relationship with both the current and incoming Provost, and by raising the Union’s profile amongst the staff at UCL in order to develop a greater understanding.

Update 17/11/20

Continuing to work in partnership with UCL across different levels and committee structures, I am heavily involved in UCL meetings and continue to be an active member in the decision-making affecting the student experience this year. I am now a member of the Quiet Contemplation Room Steering Group (which oversees all of the prayer and quiet contemplation facilities at UCL), talking with UCL about more SU commercial outlets on campus. Continuing to have weekly conversations with the Provost where I raise student issues and discuss what UCL can do to solve them, involved in UCL and Union planning for the transition period with the new Provost in January

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Democracy, Operations and Community Officer